“Without meaningful social contact, talk of tolerance
and cooperation is nothing but an abstraction.”

~US Federal District Court Judge Nancy Gertner regarding school integration efforts”

Chapter 76, Section 12A of Massachusetts General Laws states that “the school committee of any city or town or any regional school district may adopt a plan for attendance at its schools by any child who resides in another city, town, or regional school district in which racial imbalance exists.” This plan “shall tend to eliminate racial imbalance in the sending district” and, as the law states, “to help alleviate racial isolation in the receiving district.” The definitions of ‘racial imbalance’ and `racial isolation’ are found in Chapter 71, Section 37D (also referred to as Chapter 636, section 37D). In summary, ‘racial imbalance’ is the condition of a public school in which more than fifty percent of the pupils attending such school are non-white. ‘Racial isolation’ is the condition of a public school in which not more than thirty percent of the pupils attending such school are non-white.

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