22nd Annual Youth Leadership Conference

22nd Annual Youth Leadership Conference
Your Personal Brand “Who Do People See?”

The MDA  Youth Leadership Conference is an educational event that augments youth leadership and enhances the continuous development of students toward responsible and informed citizenship in the urban and suburban environments in which they live and learn.


Know Thy Self

The dictionary definition of Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect. Synonyms: self respect, pride, dignity, self regard, faith in oneself, confidence. Using the art of slam poetry and spoken word we will explore methods to build your self-confidence for success now and in the future.

The Leader in ME

Students develop their individual leadership by learning intangible skills like visualization, work ethic, preparation, persistence, discipline, resilience, and compassion. In this workshop, we will focus on the natural gifts students possess and how they use them to become great leaders. The participants will leave the workshop with self-awareness of who they are and where they want to go.

Keys to Writing a Stand Out College/Scholarship Essay

How do you make your essay stand out amongst the sea of applications for college admissions and scholarship consideration? Admissions professionals will teach you strategies on how to write a strong essay that highlights your aspirations, community engagement, and your candidacy.

Early College/Career Planning

It is never to early to think about your career after high school. We will discuss why it is important to begin thinking about how to build your personal brand and the assets you want people to see.

The Brand Called You

We live in a brand “you” world. With social media platforms helping us to become interconnected in new ways, personal branding is vital. Students will understand how social media affects your brand value. You will also learn if you’re not branding yourself how others may unintentionally do it for you.

Civic Engagement: Building Blocks to your Personal Brand

Internships, Community Service, and jobs are great building blocks to building your brand. These opportunities help you explore your interests and build a resume for others to see. Learn how to start networking to build your personal brand through civic engagement.

Bentley College Campus Tour

Take a 90 minute campus tour led by a current student as your personal guide. While on your tour, you will visit:

  • Classrooms and our cutting-edge high-tech facilities
  • The Bentley Library
  • A freshman, dormitory-style residence hall
  • The Student Center
  • The Dana Athletic Center and fields


Jamele Adams

Jamele Adams is the Dean of Students Brandeis University. Well known in the New York City area in slam poetry circles, Jamele has become a part of the Boston area poetry scene, and has also become well known in the Boston area for his work leading workshops dealing with issues of diversity and pluralism. 

Kurt Faustin

Kurt Faustin is an advocate for social change in the Boston area. A champion for reform within the prison system and a budding entrepreneur, Kurt has leveraged his talents and is dedicated to making a difference in society by building with people and business alike to attain their desired results. Working at the intersection of purpose, drive, enthusiasm, and integrity, Kurt is an effective leader who firmly believes in creating opportunities and opening doors for the next generation.